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The Ultimate Anglers Retreat – North West Australia

The Kimberley Coastal Camp is one of the most exclusive travel fishing destinations in the top end of Australia. Isolated and pristine, the focus is on creating an intimate atmosphere while reducing impact on the local environment.

Nestled on the pristine shores of the Admiralty Gulf opposite the Mitchell Plateau in Western Australia, the Kimberley Coastal Camp can’t be accessed by road. Arrival is either by a spectacular floatplane experience with an impressive water landing or an exhilarating helicopter transfer directly onto the beach in front of the camp.

Guests can expect to encounter endangered Quolls, Olive Pythons, Sea Eagles and numerous other native animals in the vicinity known to the traditional landowners as ‘Yalrundair’.

The camp is extremely isolated with access limited to a privileged few. To get to your destination a float plane and helicopter are essential.

Extraordinary Fishing Experience

Setting the benchmark in remote location tropical sports fishing, Kimberley Coastal Camp is situated amidst the pristine waters of the Admiralty Gulf in the far north Kimberley region of Western Australia. Considered universally to be one of the best fishing regions in Australia.

The Admiralty Gulf is recognised as one of the best fishing destinations in Australia with a wide variety of species and fishing options to enjoy. Kimberley Coastal Camp is one of the very few fishing tour operations that include tackle on an unconditional basis. No cost for loss or breakages.

This is a real positive when one considers the possibility to go through some tackle loss given the amazing variety of large predatory fish on offer. In any one day it’s possible to catch a variety of fish from Barramundi to Blue Fin Tuna.

Huge tidal rivers together with mangrove lined creeks, estuaries, flats, offshore reefs and islands as well as crystal clear blue waters; ensure an exciting range of fishing options. Kimberley Coastal Camp is one of very few fishing destinations in Australia able to offer such diverse variety to the travelling fisherman.

Situated right on the water, Kimberley Coastal Camp offers immediate access and no set itineraries with a massive expanse of water to explore. Fish all day, every day or maybe after a morning’s fishing take your catch ashore on a deserted island fringed by Boab trees and have your host and guide cook it for you ‘bush style’ on the coals. Take some time to snare a few succulent mud crabs from the mangrove-lined creeks and have the chef prepare them to your liking for your evening meal.

The camp operates on a simple catch and release format so only those fish destined for the table will be kept. Sustainable fishing practices are promoted at all times.

Getting To The Kimberley Coastal Camp

Commercial flights operate to our most popular departure point, Kununurra, daily, and other departure points, Broome and Darwin. We suggest you check Qantas, Airnorth, Skywest and Virgin Blue for flight options.

For the adventurous travel fisherman – it’s possible to arrange a connection with the camps helicopter from the world-famous ‘Gibb River Road’. Vehicles can be left safely at the Mitchell Plateau.

Travelling from the East Coast of Australia, Kirkhope Aviation offers flights form Victoria and New South Wales. This option is ideal for anyone with time constraints or those looking for a tailored package.

Fabulous Accommodation

Nestled amongst the red sandstone and native grasses, generous guest gazebos offer privacy and comfort. Taking full advantage of the tranquil views over the Admiralty Gulf your ‘room with a view’, is elegantly furnished featuring king size or twin single beds fitted with quality linen, screened walls, handmade timber furniture, reading lamps and a ceiling fan. Comfort and luxury abounds, providing the ideal retreat after a solid days fishing.

A spacious open sided pavilion, hand-built using recycled timber with high raked ceilings, is the ideal place to talk up the day’s fishing adventures. Relax and unwind with a book from the library, listen to some music, or simply enjoy the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

The swimming pool with exquisite water views is the ideal place to cool off at the end of the day with an icy cold drink in hand, prior to a delectable entrée served with the most sensational of Kimberley sunsets.

Gourmet Cuisine

Amazing gourmet meals are provided at the Kimberley Coastal Camp. Wild saltwater Barramundi straight from the ocean, succulent oysters plucked from the rocks, delicious mud crabs taken from the mangrove lined creeks or a simple pizza garnished with rosemary and drizzled with olive oil, the cuisine is guaranteed to please even the most discerning guest.

There are a very few places in the world where you can enjoy such amazing scenery, delicious gourmet food, unique and luxurious beach front accommodation, world-class fishing and magnificent ancient rock art – all combined with unparalleled hospitality in a remote wilderness location.

Selections For Outdoor Furniture Books

No image of a spectacular garden or patio is without outdoor furniture. Furnishing of this type is normally weather-resistant and designed for durability and extended exposure to extreme elements. It is unclear where the trends for this sort of furnishing started but the oldest are preserved in the gardens of Pompeii, Italy. Various designs were actually inspired from the outdoors of Italy like Tuscan style probably since the insouciant and country living is so contagious from this country.

Whether you’re someone that wants to redecorate your personal garden or a newbie in creating a project using outdoor furniture, here’s a whole range of books that will surely help you understand that goal. These books are aimed on giving you innovative ideas, useful guides that will open your eyes to 1000 of possibilities that will transform your spaces to a spectacular and relaxing garden.

1. Building Adirondack Furniture: The Art, the History, and the How-To by John D. Wagner

This book provides you with helpful facts about the history, style of timber to make use of, the way to assemble and using scraps to build Adirondack furniture. The Adirondack chair is believed the comfy piece of outdoor furniture ever invented. It’s perfect companion in summer leisure with its distinctive sloped back, inclined seat, and high, wide arms.

2. Shop Tested Outdoor Furniture You Can Make by Wood

From the editors of Timber Magazine, here’s a workbook that will challenge you to try your hand at to produce outdoor pieces. It is packed with shop-tested projects for every abilities. Lazy days porch swing, barn birdhouse, folding snack table, and party-time cart are merely few of the projects illustrated in this workbook. The book has graduated directions with photos that will assist you picture the upshot you would like. It also provides exploded diagram which makes you see precisely how pieces will fit together. And what’s more exciting is that you’ll able to know the outdoor furniture areas, materials they’re made off, and their dimensions.

3. The Outdoor Room (Illustrated) by Jamie Durie

A renowned Australian landscaper and T.V. personality, Jamie Durie is a committed environmentalist and pioneer of the Outdoor Room concept in Australia. He has personal web site, where anyone can entry to his inspiring concepts and projects. In the book Outdoor Room, Jamie emphasized the essence of outdoor furniture in creating a spectacular garden. “It should be eye catching,” Jamie’s inquire into outdoor furniture.

The Outdoor Room is a manual which carries valuable details, useful tips and effective ideas that will spark your creativity. The book provided 200 lavish high-resolution color photos of how walls, floors, lights, outdoor furniture, water features are united to create a functional and uniquely gorgeous garden.

4. Great Outdoor 2 X 4 Furniture by Stevie Henderson with Mark Baldwin

This book inspires you on creating your outdoor project with 21 illustrated projects to construct. Adirondack chair, footstool, plant pedestal, garden chair, cottage mailbox, hammock put up with are simply few of the projects mentioned in this book. This book is meant for those who want to create their own personal outdoor furniture but lacked the woodworking seasoned.

The projects included in the book are all do-able and the illustrated constructions were simplified so anybody can understand. Materials, tools and techniques were all provided in this book.

Introduction To Rattan Furniture

Wicker furniture is one of the most famous outdoor types of furniture. It can be used as indoor and outdoor furniture. It looks very attractive and gives a warm feeling. It is durable, practical and can easily be maintained. It is popular because of being comfortable and attractive. Wicker furniture is quite versatile. This type of furniture comes in variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A wide range of tastes suits wicker. It can perfectly be fit with any design. Wicker becomes so incredible because of the unique way of its production. Plant fibers are the main derivatives of wicker. These fibers become strong and hard after being properly treated. Only then can they be used for making the furniture.

These fibers are produced from many plants like bamboo, reeds, rattan and willows. Synthetic fibers are stronger and more durable than plant fibers. Synthetic fibers are also used for making wicker. Desired piece of furniture comes as a result of weaving the fibers. The most popular type of wicker furniture is Rattan wicker furniture. Rattan is a kind of plant which is similar to bamboo but the difference lies in its stems. It is a kind of palm that grows in Africa, Asia and Australia. Rattan stems are stronger because they are solid; however, the stems of bamboo are hollow. That is why; rattan is more durable than other natural materials. It becomes an ideal choice for the outdoor furniture because it can withstand the natural forces. Addition of another layer of varnish on the wicker furniture keeps it protected.

It can also maintain its natural color. You will be able to paint the furniture according to the existing design in the room. One can easily maintain the wicker furniture by regular dusting with a cotton or soft cloth and wash it with mild detergent and water once or twice a year. Rattan wicker furniture is high-end furniture which can be used in the home or the garden. It is available in various parts of the globe because of its modern and traditional styles. Rattan is a vine which has been used for making furniture for hundreds of years.

In cold conditions, the vine is quite inflexible and tough. It becomes malleable when heat is directly applied to the vine. When the heat is removed, its new shape is returned to the hard inflexible state. Because of these characteristics; vine has become famous for furniture construction for several years.

Compare Shopping Items Accurately When Buying Furniture

There’s an old but still much used saying that whenever you make a comparison, you should always “compare apples with apples”. What this means is that when you compare things, you should always be sure they are the same, or at least very similar.

For example, to develop an ability to compare shopping items accurately, you need to first assess what it is you are looking at, and what you want to buy.

If you want a wardrobe, decide whether it should be made of solid wood or simply engineered wood that is finished with a veneer. Then decide on size and whether you want just hanging space or a combination of hanging with shelves or even fitted drawers. Both material and fittings, as well as the method of manufacture, will have a supreme influence on price. Put slightly differently, if you are buying a bed, you can’t compare an antique brass bedstead with a bed set. So first decide what you want.

Compare Apples with Apples

To understand the concept of accurate comparisons, the “apples with apples” saying is an excellent start, even though you will find that this doesn’t go far enough. When it comes to pricing, you can’t compare apples with oranges or grapes or bananas, because they simply aren’t comparable. It’s a bit easier to compare different types of apples, Granny Smith with Golden Delicious for example, but even then there will be disparity in terms of where they are grown and how they are distributed.

When it comes to both price and quality, the most accurate comparisons will be when one specific type of apple is compared with another.

Compare Chairs with Chairs

Using the comparative apple idea illustrates how difficult it can be to accurately compare the price, value and the quality of items of furniture. As an example, wooden Windsor chairs which originated in England in the second half of the eighteenth century are manufactured and hand-crafted all over the world today – most popularly in the United States, and what were originally British colonies, including Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Interestingly, these chairs were amongst the first items of furniture to be “mass-produced”. While made by specialist craftsmen, each specialized in a different sphere. So whilst some were busy turning legs, spindles and stretchers, others would be carving and bending the chair rails, and others shaping and crafting the seat. Today some of these chairs are still hand crafted, while others are mass produced in factories.

Frequently referred to as English rustic furniture or folk furniture, Windsor chairs were (and still are) made in different variations, one of which has a bow back with straight spindles or back-sticks, simple wooden arms, turned legs that are slightly splayed and braced horizontally, and a saddle-shaped seat, scraped and sanded to shape. More often than not the back is high, although there are also designs where the back rest is only as high as ones shoulder blades. One of the low-backed types features turned spindles, and is sometimes referred to as a captain’s chair.

The wood used to make typical Windsor-type chairs varies. Today Amish craftsmen often use oak, a widely available hardwood that is kiln-dried and ideal for making furniture. Originally, though, craftsmen often used different types of wood for one chair. Beech and ash were particularly common, usually combined with a seat made from a solid chunk of elm. Hooped back rails might have been cut from yew because they steam-bent well.

Windsor chairs are still common today – even though they may be called by other names – but how do you differentiate between one chair and another?

Having narrowed the chair down to type or style (in this case a quintessential type of folk furniture), you’ll need to look at the type of wood that has been used to make the chair. You will also have to consider the specific design more carefully, and just how much of the wood is turned, as well as exactly how the chair has been made. Generally the better the quality, the more you will pay, although this theory isn’t always completely true. Some companies offer lower prices, simply because their markup is less, and they offer better value for money.

Of course another factor to take into account will be the age of the chair. If you find a genuine antique chair, it might be exactly the same (in terms of design) as a chair that was made just last month. But if it is in prime condition, the patina of the wood will be different, and so will its value – and therefore its cost.

Compare Tables with Tables

There are so many different types of tables, ranging from grand dining tables to plain kitchen tables, decorative gate-leg tables, drop-leaf tables. Like chairs, when it comes to buying tables, and comparing prices, you need to first narrow down your choice. This will relate to size, style, materials used to make the chair, and the techniques used (for joints, finishing and so on).

Another factor that relates specifically to dining tables is that these are often sold with matching chairs. Sometimes you will find that one particular type of table is available with a choice of different types of chairs, which might affect price quite radically. So once again you are back to comparing apples with apples – or tables and chairs with tables and chairs!

Compare Value

At the end of the day, whatever it is you are planning to buy for your home, it really will benefit you if you develop an ability to compare shopping items accurately. Instead of simply settling for a product because of price (which might be high or low, depending on your needs and motivation), it will enable you to compare value and quality, dollar for dollar.

There are many brands out there, some of which offer top quality combined with value-for-money. There are others that offer top quality and top prices. Others profess to offer quality, but in fact their products are inferior and overpriced. It’s up to you to fathom the difference in a knowledgeable, educated way.

On the Lookout For the Best? Why German Furniture is a Cut Above the Rest

In terms of design, Germany is always a top contender in the world market. German engineering is known and recognized the world over as one of the best, most reliable and beautiful. In furniture, Germany remains as one of the leading sources of fine workmanship and design. Considering on buying ‘made in Germany’ home furnishings? Here are the top reasons why German furniture is considered a cut above the rest:

German furniture is not only beautiful, it is also practical

German furnishing is not known for its frivolity so people don’t have to be surprised by artsy high design and playful strangeness. If you’re the type that wants furniture to be recognized as furniture, German designers have your best interests in mind.

Because of its focus on use, German furnishing can be relied upon not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its functions. It focuses on ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort to the user and ensures environmental sensibility so it’s always a good fit to its setting.

The design concept of German furnishing is also recognizable wherever it may be. That means if you buy German-made furniture in Germany, it will be seen and accepted as beautiful whether you’re in New York, Sydney, Bangkok or Beijing. German appliance is a cut above the rest so its appeal transcends cultural borders, traditionally a difficult hurdle for designers to conquer.

German furniture is a standard for quality

When it comes to German furniture workmanship, quality means strict adherence to standards in the choice of raw materials, the production process and the finishing. There are no second best results in German furniture, whether it’s a custom-made table or a mass produced chair. As such, you can expect excellence in terms of craftsmanship with every furniture piece you buy, wherever you may be.

German furniture is the top choice in Europe

German furniture is a cut above the rest and this is a fact that is recognized in Europe, where it is the leading choice. In 2004, German-made furniture comprised of about 30% of Europe’s furniture industry. And with Europe considered as the world’s most important market for furniture, that is impressive indeed. Worldwide, Germany is considered as one of the top 3 furniture manufactures, reaching billions of dollars in terms of sales.

The demand for German furniture worldwide is also proof that people recognize that it is a cut above the rest. The export quota for the country’s home furnishings rose to 100% in less than 10 years, from 1996 to 2005, resulting to an export volume of over 5 billions euros.

Fit Out Design Mechanics

It is a well known fact that first impressions matter a lot, and fit out will help your business create the best first impression possible. No matter where your business office is located in Australia, the second a possible business client walks in, if the interiors of your office scream perfection and high quality, the chances of converting them from a “possible client” to “regular client” will be drastically increased.

What is fit out?

The word “Fit out” refers to the changing of the interiors or exteriors of your office or commercial space, because of any of the following reasons:

• To maximize space utilization.
• To increase the aesthetic beauty of the work place.
• To create a great first impression.
• To increase employee morale and energy levels.
• To bring the workplace up to date in terms of technology and safety.

Fit out refers to different companies which offer fit out services in the country.

Fit out – Services Offered

While the exact services offered will differ according to the fit out company which you use, the commonly offered services are:

• Refurbishment: Refurbishment means the cleaning up, restoration of your office space i.e. to give it a new feel and appearance. It can involve anything from applying a new coat of paint, to a change of furniture.

• Flow: If you find that your office space is too claustrophobic and distracting, then a fit out will allow you to change the entire flow of the office space to maximize efficiency and lower possible sources of distraction.

• Technology Update: When you had initially started the office, it might have had the very latest in technology. But technology is ever changing and evolving, a fit out will allow you to update your office and bring it up to speed with the best in the industry in terms of technology.

• Resolving Space Constraints: Improvements in furniture design, design principles in general now allow for better utilization of space i.e. by making a few simple changes with respect to the type of furniture which you use in your office, the arrangement of that furniture, by the use of partitions you can free up a lot of space which can be utilized for other useful purposes.

• Theme Change: It basically means to completely change the interiors of the office; everything from paint to furniture to decorations, in order to give the office space a new feel and energy. Themes range from simplistic to modernistic, can be selected based on your preference.

• Flooring and Covers: Another service which is commonly offered is to completely change the flooring of the office space, the placement of carpets and other covers to increase its aesthetic value.

• Safety Update: The safety norms of the country will change continuously, a fit out service will allow you to update your office to increase the safety of your employees, meet the minimum requirements set by the government.

• Ceilings Services: From a change of lighting to a change of air conditioning vent placement to the installing of security and safety services such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, all of these services will fall under “Ceiling related services”.

• Aesthetics: Fit out companies also can help in increasing just the aesthetic beauty of your office space by the use of paintings, decorative and artistic plants, and other aesthetic improving objects.

Before Finalizing a Fit out Deal

Changing Trends in Patio Furniture

Furniture trends today are global, with influences from all around the world. Furniture today has an international language, from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and America. The international trends express sophistication to tropical luxury. This extensive influence brings with it both flexibility and simplicity resulting in the modern and contemporary designs. Contemporary is now a commonly used word to convey simplicity of form. The new contemporary furniture designs are modern, minimal, smooth lines, uncluttered, un-fussy, light, and clean.

For patio or garden there are plenty of materials used but teak has always been related with patio furniture because of its unique qualities. Most of the garden or park furniture found in England is made of teak. Teak furniture has been the preferred choice as garden furniture since decades because of the unique characteristics of the teak wood.

Teak garden furniture blends the style and design of your patio or garden with the practical durability and resistance to the harsh weather conditions and nicely constructed teak furniture lasts for generations. The designs offered by teak furniture manufacturers were mostly English designs most often called classical designs. These classic designs somehow do not fit in modern contemporary homes. More and more people were getting bored with the teak patio furniture mostly because of its designs. This made teak furniture makers to follow the new demand and adjust itself to the changing trends in the market place.

The good news for teak furniture manufacturers was that there are no hard and fast rules that must be adhered to when it comes to the latest furniture styles. Modern teak furniture should have the ultimate expression of form and function. This made teak furniture makers to manufacture products, which are simple in form yet functional. These new products of teak furniture were welcomed warmly by almost all teak lovers who wanted to have modern designs, which fits with their other home furniture. This gave rise to huge demand for modern contemporary patio furniture.

The most recent trend is to use a diverse blend of designs, with a strong international influence of ideas and options sourced from all over the globe. One of these trends is products made of stainless steel and teak. Stainless steel like teakwood is a long-term investment, as it takes less upkeep and lasts longer. It is fairly lightweight for the amount of strength it provides and is very easy to clean. It is available in a number of shades and styles, making it an aesthetically pleasing option. And, because it is corrosion and rust resistant, it has a much longer lifespan. In addition, stainless steel is 100% recyclable. 50% of new stainless steel is made from recycled stainless steel. This makes it a very environmentally friendly material. It can also be resold as scrap metal, adding that benefit to the investment.

Other outdoor materials like wrought iron, aluminum, synthetic wicker, sling fabrics, marble and stone are also blended with teak. These products have given ultra contemporary look to the teak patio furniture. However the sleek, simple and contemporary designs out of solid teak are still preferred by lot of teak lovers.

It is very important to study carefully before purchasing any of these products because of the difference in materials used. There are hundreds of synthetic wicker producers but only few reliable, proven brands. The stainless steel should be of specific grade for outdoor use and always look for Grade 304 or 316. The anodized or power coated aluminum is the right option for outdoor and one should pay close attention to materials used in any of these products.